The Melodic Cell Workbook (Video Course)






The following topics will be covered with video demonstation/explanation as well as practice tracks and a PDF download for all transpositions you can use to shed the material with:

-Methods for integrating 17 Unique Cells

-Running A Single Cell Through ‘The Grid’

-Single Cell Improvisation Exercises for Harmonic Imagination

-2, 3 and 4 Cell Combination Improvisations

-Extending Lines and Imagination Using Multiple Cell Variants

-Cell Etudes Focusing on Different Key Concepts

Conceptualizing and mastering the content here is guaranteed to give you a new take on improvising over chord changes. Consistent practice of this material will start to open up a wide variety of possibilities that exist within the Melodic Cell Framework. A Digital Download PDF of this Workbook is provided in the keys of Eb, Bb and Concert Pitch along with 69 Slow and Fast Practice Tracks for each exercise with Video Explanations in each unit.