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    Bonus Lesson! Utilizing the Diminished Scale on the Blues Progression 🚀🎶

    Welcome to a FREE Bonus Topic that is a part of the SK Improvisation Studio. This lesson will contain information on how to apply the diminished scale…
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    From Chords to Improv

    Having a formula for approaching different chord qualities can help you to quickly incorporate and internalize new language over these sounds. Compiled here is an…
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    SK Improv Studio 4-Pack

    This is a learning experience that is focused on the art of learning and mastering a chord progression. This is perfect for students who do not need private instruction but prefer to have the information there to learn at their own pace. The following is a breakdown of 5 different approaches for these 4 songs: Confirmation: Mastering a Chord Progression Body + Soul: Ballad Playing 3 Types of Blues Progressions: Studying Harmonic Substitutions So What/Impressions: (Modal Improvisation) For students looking for individual feedback and livestream instruction, Enrolling in the SK Improvisation Studio is the way to go 🚀
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    The Melodic Cell Workbook (Video Course)

    A step-by-step approach to improvisation using Melodic Cells! Use this method as a guide to take your imagination in the practice room to the next level. The reason I created this course was simple: Melodic Cells helped me to become a more fluent improviser. With over 65 practice tracks, 35+ etudes and video explanations, I truly believe that completion of this 7 step course has a great potential to change the way you think about improvisation

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    The Pentatonic Index (Video Course)

    This course builds the awareness of different key pentatonics that make the foundation for solid improvisation. Learning these pentatonics first through modal applications leads to…
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    The Routine Improvement System (Video Course)

    Welcome to a FREE step by step course on my routine approach to daily practice sessions! This is a well established system that I have put to the test for 20+ years. It has been designed to isolate what I feel are the key elements of any successful practice routine: Sound, Technique and Repertoire.

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    The SK Improv Studio

    The SK Improvisation Studio is a community of musicians dedicated to improving their facility at improvised music. With monthly assignments utilizing PDFs, Practice Tracks and Backing tracks that focus on mastery of improv fundamentals, this studio is designed to produce real and tangible results. In addition to the opportunity for personalized feedback 24/7, monthly LIVE 'shed' sessions will take place with an opportunity to ask for guidance directly from your instructor, Professional Saxophonist and practitioner of improvised music for over 20 years: Steve Kortyka

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    Vocabulary Building Exercises (Video Course)

    If you’ve always wondered about how lines you’ve worked out in all 12 keys will apply to a chord progression, this course is for you! Through years of study, I have found this to be one of the most efficient methods not only for teaching improvisation, but also creating compelling solos that engage a listener through repetition.