Vocabulary Building Exercises (Video Course)


This is a step by step approach to learning how to incorporate different types of vocabulary into a chord progression. This system has helped me to motivically play new and familiar material over chord changes both simple and complex. Learning the components of a piece of vocabulary is one of the core elements to building an improvisational library. Consistent application of this process will lead not only to a deeper understanding of music theory but help you to make legitimate associations with all the changes in a chord progression.





The following are a few of the standard chord progressions that will be highlighted in this course with a unique vocabulary builder supplied for each unit of study:

-I IV V and ‘Bebop’ Major/Minor Blues

-Incorporating a bebop ‘Parkeresque’ Idea Over ‘Cherokee’ Changes

-Utilizing and Sequencing a Pentatonic approach Over the ‘Solar’ Changes

-Long and Short Enclosure Ideas on the changes to ‘It Could Happen To You’

-Utilizing a ii V I approach over the Changes to the ‘What Is This Thing Called Love’ Chord Progression

-AND more detailed key vocabulary building concepts on the following Standard Chord Progressions: ‘The Girl From Ipanema’, ‘There Is No Greater Love’, ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ and ‘Have You Met Miss Jones’

The application of improvisational vocabulary is often taught in a way that is more abstract than it needs to be. Learning an idea in all 12 keys is GREAT practice, but a part that often gets overlooked and is of equal value is the application of that idea to a chord progression. In my 20 years of teaching the art of improvisation, I have yet to come across a method like the one outlined in this course. Ironically though, the skillsets offered here are ones that are regularly incorporated in live performances.

With slow and fast backing tracks for each of the 65+ playing examples as well as video explanations for each piece of vocabulary and it’s utilization over a corresponding chord progression, you are sure to glean many new insights on how to approach improvising on all different types of chord progressions after completing this course 🎶💡🚀