SK Improv Studio 4 Pack!






This is a learning experience that is focused on the art of learning and mastering a chord progression. This is perfect for students who do not need private instruction but prefer to have the information there to learn at their own pace. The following is a breakdown of 5 different approaches for these 4 songs:

Confirmation: Mastering a Chord Progression

Body + Soul: Ballad Playing

3 Types of Blues Progressions: Studying Harmonic Substitutions

So What/Impressions: (Modal Improvisation)

Within each unit, a variety of different approaches are used to achieve a deep knowledge and understanding of the steps needed to attain improvisational fluency over each song. These steps include, but are not exclusive to:

-Melody Study

-Guide Tones and Guide Tone Arpeggios

-Chromatic Phrasing

-Loop Practice

-Transcription Choruses

-Rubato Playing

-Shell Voicings


-All 12 Key Practice Objectives

-Pentatonic Side Stepping/Bebop

All 4 units contain 5 Video Lessons (20 + Video Lessons!) on each topic and talk through the value of each individual study. Each topic has transposed PDF Exercises as well as Downloadable Backing tracks for you to shed and go through and learn at your own pace. These lessons will be available perpetually and can be returned to whenever you are looking for some challenges over these tunes.