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The SK Improvisation Studio is a community of musicians dedicated to improving their facility at improvised music. With monthly assignments utilizing PDFs, Practice Tracks and Backing tracks that focus on mastery of improv fundamentals, this studio is designed to produce real and tangible results. In addition to the opportunity for personalized feedback 24/7, monthly LIVE 'shed' sessions will take place with an opportunity to ask for guidance directly from your instructor, Professional Saxophonist and practitioner of improvised music for over 20 years: Steve Kortyka.Β 

Steve · June 14, 2023
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Each month we (You, I and the members of this awesome community) will be looking in great detail at a selected tune and its structured chord sequence. The concepts explored in these units can be applied to ANY tune and serve to re-inforce the habits of coherent improvisation, line construction and the building blocks of melodicism. By joining this studio, you are making a commitment to boosting your skills as an improviser. See you in the Studio πŸŽΆπŸš€

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