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Steve · March 6, 2023
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Welcome to a step-by-step approach to improvisation using Melodic Cells! Use this method as a guide to take your imagination in the practice room to the next level.

The reason I created this course was simple: Melodic Cells helped me to become a more fluent improviser. With over 65 practice tracks, 35+ etudes and video explanations, I truly believe that completion of this 7 step course has a great potential to change the way you think about improvisation 🎶🚀

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    1. Hey Rico! thanks for the question – not at the moment. These are part of a video class because the text alone does not teach how to get the most out of the material in the text. I don’t want the information to be out there without explanation and the explanations in these videos are key to develop the best understanding for how to use the material. I will let you know if this ever does become available however. Thank you!

  1. I’m 65 still trying to learn the saxophone I don’t understand the language music. I love the way you did your intro. I love the artmon notes. I want to learn how to do that plus learn how to improvise. Hope you can help me. Do you do zoom lessons ?

    1. Hey Jerome! All good – it is always a study that will become clearer and clearer the more you do it. Thanks for checking this out. I don’t do zoom lessons but I have constructed the courses to be very clear and ideally save both of us time and value. For the cost of a lesson you can have a resource that contains the knowledge of 10 + lessons 🚀 On top of the courses I am running an online studio where I give students lots of things to practice each month and then offer feedback about their playing/progress which would be the closest thing to zoom lessons I offer right now.
      Let me know if you would be interested in either 👍