6 Lessons

From Chords to Improv

Having a formula for approaching different chord qualities can help you to quickly incorporate and internalize new language over these sounds. Compiled here is an introductory sequence that can work wonders for deciphering all types of different chord qualities and cover a majority of the chords that you will encounter in Jazz Improvisation. If you are looking to get a leg up on how great improvisers think about chords, this is the course for you!

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4 Lessons

SK Improv Studio 4-Pack

This is a learning experience that is focused on the art of learning and mastering a chord progression. This is perfect for students who do not need private instruction but prefer to have the information there to learn at their own pace. The following is a breakdown of 5 different approaches for these 4 songs: Confirmation: Mastering a Chord Progression Body + Soul: Ballad Playing 3 Types of Blues Progressions: Studying Harmonic Substitutions So What/Impressions: (Modal Improvisation) For students looking for individual feedback and livestream instruction, Enrolling in the SK Improvisation Studio is the way to go 🚀

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6 Lessons

The Routine Improvement System (Video Course)

As a regular practitioner of improvised music, I honed this process to be adaptable so that it can be completed in a relatively short period of time but leave you feeling accomplished when you complete any variation of its 4 simple elements. I truly feel that implementation of this system has led me to continual growth in the practice room. I believe that anybody that studies this method will find that it can be tailored to meet your unique needs as a musician, one day at a time.

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12 Lessons

The SK Improv Studio

The SK Improvisation Studio is a community of musicians dedicated to improving their facility at improvised music. With monthly assignments utilizing PDFs, Practice Tracks and Backing tracks that focus on technical exercises this studio is designed to produce real and trackable results. Monthly LIVE will also take place with your instructor and professional practitioner of live music for over 20 years, Steve Kortyka.

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5 Lessons

The Pentatonic Index (Video Course)

This course builds the awareness of different key pentatonics that make the foundation for solid improvisation. Learning these pentatonics first through modal applications leads to understanding of their use in tonal harmony and ii V I situations. With 15 lesson videos that include concept explanations and demonstrations, this course is of equal or greater value to multiple weeks of study with a master improviser ğŸŽ¶ğŸš€

The Pentatonic Index

12 Lessons

Vocabulary Building Exercises (Video Course)

This course focuses on implementing key pieces of vocabulary into a chord progression. This skill set is one that I use in every improvised solo and has the ability to unlock great potential over any given chord progression. A consistent study of this method will transform your improvisations by giving you the ability to navigate improvisations with minimal material in a very creative way.

Vocabulary Building Exercises

8 Lessons

The Melodic Cell Workbook (Video Course)

This course teaches a player how to utilize melodic cells in a systematic way. This is the method I have used over the years to thoroughly learn material and have applied it to the concept of improvising with melodic cells. The content here is equivalent to multiple months of study with a master improviser and will take multiple sessions to complete. Within a few practice sessions with this material, your mind will be opened to a wide variety of possibilities that exist within the melodic cell framework.

The Melodic Cell Workbook