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  • Busso

    November 6, 2023 at 7:49 pm

    Hi Steve,

    I already subscribed, just before my trip. I play a TS Mark VI and a Yana Curved SS. As I am travelling a lot I just ordered a travel saxophone ( I want to try it on my evenings in hotel rooms. Have you heard about this EWI?

    After spending an hour with the material I wanted to give you my first feed back. From the introductory video I was not sure about the sequencing of the lessons. It would be good to have some advice on whrere to start. So, first I thought “Confirmation” is difficult, Body & Soul is a slow ballad, easy, so I started with that one. I tried to memorise the chords in the first section. Not easy., especially in the second last bar of the A section, where there are 4 chords in one bar. Then, it is difficult for me to memorise the diminished chords. I never really understood the logic of how to construct diminished chords. Is there a shortcut way to understand the concept?

    So I switched to Confirmation. Here I would love to have a video with the full melody at a speed of 120. as the second variation of the A section is rhythmically difficult and difficult to learn when listening to Charkie Parker playing at 180.

    So far so good. It would be great to get your thoughts.

    Best regards