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  • Steve

    March 10, 2024 at 10:05 pm

    Hey Tom – Loving the EWI effects. Such an unexpectedly cool sound! You have that thing dialed in nicely with regards to expression and the way you are able to shape your sound.
    What backing track are you using here? Also sounds great! 🚀

    Listening to your first chorus of improv, you are outlining the changes perfectly which is AWESOME. I think at this point you have a solid grasp on harmony and a really nice vocabulary from what I can tell. The thing you’re going to want to do now is sculpt that vocabulary and play in a more specific way with regards to phrasing.

    What I would try for (and still work on to this day!) Is to think more motivically in your statements. I think in that entire solo I heard 5 – 6 phrases. They were harmonically rich phrases but from a listening perspective I didn’t get a lot of time to process the language you were playing because there wasn’t a lot of space left. I get the sense you weren’t thinking in terms of phrases here but more along the lines of connecting the chord changes together yes?

    Where I would go from here is trying to construct choruses in terms of 4 bar, 2 bar or groupings of notes with regards to phrasing. I think this will make a big difference for your and the listeners and add even more to your already awesome playing. In addition to this, you can think of making your phrases with specific harmonic concepts in mind. An example of this would be for the first A use all natural extensions, then for the 2nd A, use the b9. For the bridge use Altered Substitutions (G7 ALT, C-∆7, Ab7#11, Bbº∆7 to Bb∆7) and for the last A use harmonic major language. When you get comfortable with that configuration, then change it up 🙂

    Great playing – Looking forward to hearing more from you!